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Commissioning Resource Centre

Commissioning Resource Centre
The Commissioning Review Commissioning Resource Centre provides information on the latest national commissioning policy, objectives and initiatives.
Through our news and analysis articles, you will be kept informed about NHS England’s latest moves including information on the CCG Outcomes Indicator Set.

Commissioning news

A public consultation into potential funding cuts to HIV support services in the UK’s hardest hit areas, has been extended
The NHS is losing money by keeping older patients in hospital for longer than is necessary, said the NAO in a report
NHSCC Nurses Forum has highlighted the benefits of including nurses in CCG governing bodies
The CQC five-year plan aims to develop a shared data set between partners, other regulators and commissioners
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Commissioning analysis

Wednesday 5 August 2015
A bid for further devolution in the South East was “like a bolt out of the blue” for a Hampshire CCG, who were cut out of the councils’ plans
Tuesday 28 July 2015
The buzz around the devolution to Greater Manchester may have quietened down but steps have been taken in the county to start pushing plans ahead
Thursday 25 June 2015
One of the new faces in the Department of Health, Alistair Burt, speaks about the challenges ahead
Monday 8 December 2014
Referral management in Wiltshire aims to put patients at the centre of their care by balancing technology, communication and compassion
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