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North east London commissioners face £950m deficit challenge
Commissioners in north east London have calculated that the financial challenge the area faces comes to almost £950m over five years.
Lib Dems pledge £2bn extra funding for mental health
The Liberal Democrats have pledged more than £2 billion of extra funding for mental health over the next parliament on top of what has already been announced in the coalition budget.
Create patient safety body straight after election, say MPs
An independent national patient safety organisation to investigate clinical incidents in the NHS should be created immediately after the election, a committee of MPs has said.
NHS England to cut primary care support jobs
NHS England plans to cut jobs and close offices in its primary care support (PCS) services just weeks before it plans to announce the winning bidder of a £1 billion contract to take over the function.
Jeremy Hunt pledges an extra £8bn for NHS if Conservatives win election
The Conservative party has said it will spend an extra £8 billion on the NHS if it wins the general election to fund a five-year plan drawn up by NHS England chief executive Jeremy Hunt.

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