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Plaid Cymru promises to oppose TTIP deal
The Party of Wales plans to oppose the trade deal that could open up the NHS to commissions from the USA
SNP vows to increase carers’ allowance
First minister Nicola Sturgeon today confirmed that Scottish National Party MPs aim to raise carers’ allowance to the same level as job seekers’ allowance
New CQC adult social care reports
Reports on the quality of care provided by adult social care services across the country have been revealed by Care Quality Commission (CQC) this week
NHS Mental Health Network appoints new chair
NHS leader and former nurse Steven Michael has been appointed as the new chair of the NHS Mental Health Network (MHN), and will start in June
Political vs clinical
Should clinicians or politicians control the local health budgets? Who is more accountable and more able to represent the population?

Queue 'Front LH column'

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